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Guangdong Province is one of the developed areas in China, and this tour will offer you opportunity to view the mountains, histories and people with a local guide. Moreover, you will taste various local food including toufu, chicken, pork and beef etc.


  • Accommodation in 4-star hotel (5-star in Guangzhou and Conghua)
  • Transportation in chartered car or bus
  • Meals as listed in the itinerary
  • English-speaking local guides
  • Entrance fees as sites stated
  • China visa
  • International flights
  • Gifts and souvenirs
  • Driver and guide tips


Welcome to Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province. You will be met and transferred to your Guangzhou hotel upon arrival. Enjoy your free time to explore if you arrive early.

Transport: Private vehicle
Accommodation: Overnight in Guangzhou

Day 2 - Guangzhou Day Tour

Today you will visit the flower Guangzhou, which is the capital of Guangdong Province with a population 18 million. You will visit Tomb Museum of Nanyue King to learn history about 2200 years ago, the enjoy the beautiful Academy of Clan Chen before moving to Shamian Island, and visit the Canton Tower this afternoon. Take a night cruise is a highlight of the day tour to view the lights beside the Pearl River. Lunch is yummy dim sum.

Transport: Private Vehicle
Accommodation: Overnight in Guangzhou
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 3 - Guangzhou to Kaiping Diaolou

At 8:00am, your guide will meet you at your hotel lobby of the centrally located Guangzhou hotel. Then, you will take a private vehicle for about 2 hours to Kaiping. Upon arrival, you will visit Zili Village firstly. It is the best preserved Diaolou (Watch Towers) villages that are listed as cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2007. Zili Village is the most popular site for its scenery and numbers of Diaolous. You can walk up some of the towers to view the quiet countryside.
Kaiping Diaolou and Villages were built by overseas Kaiping people during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Liyuan Garden is the best one with its nice buildings and gardens, and it is nice to wander around the gardens. Lunch is arranged at a local restaurant.
After lunch, you will move to visit the old town of Chikan where you will see the market and shops. It is under constrcution, so you can visit Majianglong Village that is named one of the most pretty villages in China.

Transport: Private Vehicle
Accommodation: Overnight in Kaiping
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 4 - Kaiping to Zhaoqing by car

Today you will take 2-hour car ride 133km to Zhangqing to explore Dinghu Mountains and 7-Star Crags.
Upon arrival, you will visit the Dinghu Mountain Nature Reserve firstly. Move to the top of the mountains, you will view the lake, and then start to hike on the mountain to visit the Qingyun Temple, and Feilong Waterfall.
Afterwards you will head for the well-known Seven Star Crags park in the city. The seven Karst hills looking like seven stars spreading on the Goddess Lake. Climb up the Tianzhu Crag, you can get a bird view of the whole area.
Later you will be transferred to hotel in Zhaoqing city centre.

Transport: Private Vehicle
Accommodation: Overnight in Zhaoqing
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 5 - Zhaoqing to Gulong Canyon, then to Yingxi

Today you will take 2.5-hour car ride to Gulong Canyon that is situated in Qingyuan.
Upon arrival, you will start to walk on the path to the Nine-waterfall, the nine waterfalls fall from the top of the hill and create an impressive picture.
Then you will walk on the Glass Walkway(520m) and Glass Bridge(329m) to view the canyon under the glass, then you will get to the Glass UFO Platform(202m), where you can view the wonderful waterfall running from the high mountain to the canyon. The Glass UFO Platform suspends 72 meters in the sky and is inscribed No.1 for its suspension span in the world.
Afterwards you will have a later lunch before you moving to the Yingxi Corridor for overnight.

Transport: Private Vehicle
Accommodation: Overnight in Yingxi
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 6 - Yingxi Corridor to Liannan

Yingxi Corridor is well-known 20-km natural reservation where you will walk around to visit the temple, bridge, bamboo forest etc. in the rural countryside. It is a wonderful place to escape the bustle city.
Afterwards you will have lunch at local restaurant to taste local food, particularly local Toufu that is local delicacy. (Please let guide know if you do not like Toufu bean-curd).
Then you will move to Chuantian Cave or Chuantian TIankeng where the water, cave, and peaks constitute a picture. Upon arrival, you will firstly take a boat to the cave, enjoy the fantastic lake scenery. Afterwards you will walk on the glass bridge that offers a impressive view of the mountains through the transparent glass. You can climb up the peak to have a panorama view if you wish.
Later you will be driven 2 hours for 130km to Liannan for overnight hotel.

Transport: Private Vehicle
Accommodation: Overnight in Yingxi
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 7 - Liannan Yao Autonomous Region

Today you will explore Lianzhou underground river firstly, which is a 1890-meter underground river with impressive views in the huge cave at three differet layers. Afterwards you will visit Heishan Terraced Fields that are stunning for thousand rice paddies spread out on the mountains.
Afterwards you will view the Wan Shan Chao Wang Valley that is nice spot to view thousands of Karst mountains facing southwest directions.
Later you will visit the thousand-year-old Liannan Yao Village, which are home for Yao people since ancient time, and well-preserved for their wooden houses.

Transport: Private Vehicle
Accommodation: Overnight in Liannan
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 8- Liannan to Mt Danxia

Today you will take 3-hour car ride on the highway for 250km from Liannan to Mt Danxia, which is a Natural Heritage inscribed by UNESCO in 2010. You can climb up the highest peak Zhanglao Summit to have a bird's eye view of the mountains. Moreover you can view the Yangyuan Rock that looks like a male phallus.

Transport: Private Vehicle
Accommodation: Overnight in Mt Danxia
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 9 - Mt Danxia to Conghua Hot Spring

Today you will take 3-hour car ride for 260km from Mt Danxia to Conghua that is renown for its hot spring since ancient time.
You will visit the nice Liuxihe National Park firstly, which is green park with various trees and a pretty lake.
Afterwards you can relax in the hot spring pools in the resort tonight, and enjoy the nice scenery.

Transport: Private Vehicle
Accommodation: Overnight in Conghua
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Today is departure day. You will be transferred to Guangzhou airport where the tour concludes.

Transport: Private vehicle
Meals: Breakfast


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