Our Concept

Tirippo is an innovative approach for planning and booking your tours. Our online platform allows you to select, customize and book unique travel experiences directly with certified destination experts from around the world.

Booking a trip that exactly matches your interests can be a long difficult task. You need to think through accommodation, transportation, activities, meals, prices, and much more. Now with Tirippo, problem is solved! Our trusted platform gives you the freedom to seamlessly personalize and book your tour directly with our destination experts.

Our hand-picked experts know their destination better than anyone else, and can’t wait to share it with you. They will speak to you and offer a pre-arranged itinerary which suits your desires; and if it doesn’t, they’ll make one for you. So, in addition to fair direct prices, you will benefit from their knowledge to get exactly what you’re looking for.

How it Works

1. Search and Discover

Be inspired by browsing through hundreds of customizable itineraries in your desired destination or preferred style of travel offered by our certified destination experts

2. Select or Customize

Select from our standardized itineraries or customize them directly using our destination expert’s in-depth knowledge to make your perfect trip and skip the costly middlemen

3. Book and Travel

Finalized your trip plans and book your tour securely. Your destination expert will take care of all your reservations & arrangements, and will be available 24/7 during your trip

Our Vision

To be the 1st point of contact between travelers and destination experts for best travel experience

We want Tirippo to become the first platform travelers turn into when searching for travel inspirations, seeking advice from local experts, customizing a trip, and booking a tour. As we evolve, sustainable tourism, freedom in designing unique travel experiences, customer support & services, and fair pricing will remain to be our first priority.

Our Mission

To allow travelers freely book standardized and tailor-made tours offered directly by destination experts

Our mission is to offer innovative solution that benefits all using our trusted online platform. We endeavor to allow travelers to discover and enjoy enriching travel experiences, help destination experts to grow their businesses, and empower local communities to achieve sustainable development and improve their quality of life.

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Professional destination experts from around the world offering exciting tours with unique experiences directly to travel-enthusiasts
130 +
Wide range of tours in various styles, from budget to luxury, covers all needs and desires while offering unique experiences with a local touch
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Must-see destinations across all continents with their unique experiences and famous attractions are available to begin the trip of a life time
901 +
Must-see destinations across all continents with their unique experiences and famous attractions are available to begin the trip of a life time

“It’s all about connecting people from around the world and offering unique tour & travel services by local experts”

Daniel Martinez


Leadership Team

Ebrahim Zahedi

Ebrahim Zahedi

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Lucas Delgado

Customer Support
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Adriana Serrano

Account Manager
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Carla Rubio

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Emilia Ruiz

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Nicole Blanco

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Kianoush Mehrabi

Adventure Consultant
Julieta Sanz

Julieta Sanz


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